Schools Ministry

Schools Ministry

Take a look below at our resources for schools and school age children, to help them explore prayer, spirituality and faith. If you have any questions about our work with schools, feel free to get in touch with Mthr Rosemary Hill.

Over the coming weeks these resources will continue being added to. Please do keep checking back regularly for updates.

Collective Worship

The assembly plans are based on the structure used by as this is a well known structure for many practitioners. Where assemblies or resources have been adapted from existing resources in the public domain, credit has been given to original authors/websites. Term 1 Resources (Autumn Term) 1A: How are you feeling? Downloads: Bonus Material: Harvest 1B: REMEMBrance Downloads: 1C: Advent 1C: Christmas / St Lucia Downloads: Term 2 Resources (Spring Term) 2A: Candlemas Downloads: Term 2B: St David Term…

Lectionary Based All Age Worship Talks

Kingdom 2: Big Questions Equipment: Fabric bag 3 everyday things with lots of textures like a nail brush, teething ring, dog biscuit, soap etc. Cards or stick it notes (optional) Pens or pencils. (optional) Script This week’s gospel is a really difficult one to chew over isn’t it!   Hands up if you’re not entirely sure what is going on it? Well in today’s gospel some religious leaders try to test Jesus with a difficult question.  They did it because they wanted…

Lent and Easter Resources

Here you will find a range of resources to support your Lent and Easter worship and assemblies. Assembly plans for lent and easter Muddy Assembly: Burying the Alleluiah. Duration 30 mins Equipment: Activity 1 The Alleluia song. Activity 2 Talk about lent and that it is a time to think about when we’ve been not as good as we can be etc. And that in the church its solemn.  Talk about that not only do we give up things we…

Classroom Visits

Here you will find a selection of resources that can be used within a classroom setting: A short lesson plan that explores what a priest does. In this session we explore baptism and prayer. Who is visiting our school This week? Here are some easily printable cards to help students who feel anxiety with new people or like to know who is coming to their classroom or assembly ahead of time.
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Staff Wellbeing

The Staffroom Here you will find resources to support staff spirituality and wellbeing: Morning Prayer A double sided prayer card that can be used by adults and older students to start the day in a meditative, prayerful way. The Examen Three minute Retreat The three minute retreat is really useful if you are looking for a quick prayer routine for during the day. Dealing with anxiety / panic The rosary The Rosary is a meditative, repetitive form of prayer that…

Liturgical Resources

What happens in the Eucharist? A handy infographic that can be used before or during a Eucharist to help KS1/KS2 students understand what’s going on if they find new situations stressful. What Happens in a baptism? A handy inforgraphic to help KS1/2 understand what is happening at a Baptism. Daily Office for Schools Two short simple acts of Morning and Afternoon Prayer. The prayer intention poster could be enlarged and placed in a classroom to enable children to leave prayer…