As part of The Church in Wales, East Cardiff Ministry Area is committed to fostering an environment where everyone is able to worship and participate in the life of the church in safety.

The Church in Wales will:​

  • promote the wellbeing of children and adults at risk​
  • raise awareness of safeguarding within the Church​
  • work to prevent abuse or harm from occurring​
  • seek to protect and respond well to those that have been abused.​

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

All who work for the Church, including clergy, employees, and volunteers, are regarded by the Church in Wales as persons working in positions of trust within the Church and as such are expected to adhere to the safeguarding policy and associated procedures and practice guidance.

Contact Details

For general safeguarding enquiries, please contact:


To talk to someone about a safeguarding concern, allegation or disclosure, please contact:

Colin Taylor, Provincial Safeguarding Officer
Tel: 07956 790330

Report a safeguarding concern, allegation or disclosure to the Provincial Safeguarding Team:

All suspicions, concerns, knowledge, disclosures or allegations of abuse should be reported immediately to the Church in Wales Provincial Safeguarding Team or, in an emergency to the statutory authorities.

If you have information about a safeguarding situation where a child or adult is in immediate danger or requires urgent medical attention, please call the emergency services on 999 – DO NOT DELAY.

If you think that a child or adult is at risk of harm but is not in immediate danger, please call the local authority social services department.