Banns of Marriage

Banns of Marriage

If you are planning to get married in a church elsewhere, but live in East Cardiff Ministry Area, you may need to have your ‘Banns of Marriage’ called in one of our churches on three consecutive Sundays in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.

You would be very welcome to join us on any of the three Sundays to hear your banns being read.

You will be able to pick up your ‘Banns Certificate’ (which you will need to provide to the Minister officiating at your wedding) at the end of the service following the final reading, if you are with us, or from the office in the week following.

There is an administration fee of £40, which covers the cost of producing the Banns Certificate.

arranging your banns of marriage?

To apply for your banns of marriage to be called, fill out our simple online form which will give us all the details we need. We’ll then get in touch to let you know where and when your banns will be read.