Lent and Easter Resources

Lent and Easter Resources

Here you will find a range of resources to support your Lent and Easter worship and assemblies.

Assembly plans for lent and easter

Lent assembly

Below is a PowerPoint assembly for Lent adapted from an assembly by Rebecca Parkinson and includes a video by the Church of England and original artwork by Grace Griffiths (St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School).

Muddy Assembly: Burying the Alleluiah.

Duration 30 mins


  • Painted Easter egg pebbles (Alleluia!!! written on them)
  • Large box for each class.
  • Chocolate eggs in preparation for the post assembly activity.

Activity 1

The Alleluia song.

  1. Teach the pupils song.
  2. Talk about how we can praise really loudly, with our bodies (dance as we sing) or really quietly (whisper it)
  3. Split group into two, I take one side, Sam the other.
  4. One side to do ‘alleluia’ has and one side to do ‘we praise the lord’. Crouch down and then jump up when your turn to sing.
  5. Get faster and faster.

Activity 2

Talk about lent and that it is a time to think about when we’ve been not as good as we can be etc. And that in the church its solemn.  Talk about that not only do we give up things we can take them up.  Put pupils into groups of 6 or 7.  Pupils can then either using the pebbles and/or things they find create words or pictures or act out things they can take up or give up in lent.

Activity 3

Explain that in Lent we stop saying Alleluia and that the church goes very bare.  That many years ago people would ‘bury’ or hide the Alleluia and then dig it back up on Easter Day.  Get them to shout Alleluia and to use their bodies or voices to say Alleluia in as many ways as they can and then pretend to catch the Alleluia in the box.

Get pupils to pop the pebbles in the box and explain that at Easter time their teachers will have a surprise for them with the pebbles.  (Give teacher a bag of Choc eggs after assembly and ask the teacher to hide pebbles last week of term for an egg hunt. When the children find their pebble they can have an egg.  Make sure to include a bag of Gluten/Dairy free)

You could also get the children to bury their pebble and put a name marker on it for them to dig up after Easter. However, with numbers, it’s probably easier to ‘bury’ the alleluiahs in a lidded box that can be taped shut and stored until ready to celebrate Easter.

Lent Films

Easter School eucharist

easter films

Easter Party games

Musical Eggs

Print off on A3 paper and then put on floor or stick to walls. Like musical chairs, remove one each time music is stopped.

Easter scavenger hunt

Hide the pictures. Once they’ve all been ticked off the child wins a prize. Great alternative to an egg hunt as all get a prize.