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helpful resources

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Open Table Network

We are part of the Open Table Network of inclusive church communities. Click on the link below for more information.

The Amber Project

Inclusive church – radical welcome

“Radical Welcome is a four session programme aimed at helping churches begin to look at what it might mean to go beyond being inclusive – to be radically welcoming.”

As we prepare to launch our Open Table, we will be exploring the Radical Welcome course as a Ministry Area (although those from outside our MA are very welcome).

Course details and notes for preparation or home study are provided here:

Books for adults and Teenagers.

Radical Welcome: Embracing God, The Other, and the Spirit of Transformation

This book is recommended reading to accompany the Radical Welcome course. The Ministry Area has two spare copies that can be borrowed. Contact Mthr Rose for details.

“For the fifteenth anniversary of its publication, this revised edition features a new introduction from the author on the state of the church and its “radical welcome” today, along with new reflections on how it continues to reshape the church.

This book is at once a theological, inspirational, and practical guide for congregations that want to move beyond diversity and inclusion to present a vision for the church of the future: one where the gifts, voices, and power of marginalized groups bring new life to the mainline church. Based on two years of work and over 200 interviews with people in congregations all around the United States-in urban, suburban, and rural settings-it asks the question: How do we face our fears and welcome transformation in order to become God’s radically welcoming people?

Each chapter introduces a particular congregation and the challenges it faced, and lays out the theological underpinnings of tackling fears head-on to embrace change as a welcome part of community life. This new edition features essays from Michael B. Curry, Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, and Mark Richardson.” (

One Coin Found

“Emmy Kegler has a complicated relationship with the Bible. As a queer woman who grew up in both conservative Evangelical and progressive Protestant churches, she knows too well how Scripture can be used to wound and exclude. And yet, the stories of Scripture continue to captivate and inspire her–both as a person of faith and as a pastor to a congregation. So she set out to fall in love with the Bible, wrestling with the stories inside, where she met a God who continues to seek us out–appearing again and again as a voice, a presence, and a promise.

Whenever we are pushed to the edges, our voices silenced, or our stories dismissed, God goes out after us–seeking us until we are found again. And God is seeking out those whose voices we too quickly silence and dismiss, too. Because God’s story is a story of welcome and acceptance for everyone–no exceptions.” (

Queer and Wonderfully Made

“Are you LGBTQ+? Not sure? Whether you’re queer or questioning, understanding sexuality and gender identity can be confusing. And if you’re a Christian, questions of identity can be even scarier. Is there something wrong with you? Will your friends accept you? When should you tell your family? What about church?

Queerfully and Wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens has answers to all these questions and more. You’ll get insight and support from an amazing group of LGBTQ+ professionals, as well as testimonies from young adult queer Christians who’ve recently been exactly where you are. You’ll walk away with a lot of answers, prepared with tools to help. But most importantly, you’ll hear the good news: God loves you exactly as you are. No matter your identity or where in your journey of self-discovery you find yourself, you got this.” (

Welcoming and Affirming: A Guide to Supporting and Working with LGBTQ+ Christian Youth

“How should I respond when a teen comes out? Do I have to tell their parents? What does it mean to be transgender? And how do I talk to a trans youth?

These are the kinds of tough questions facing Christian communities everywhere. It’s not enough for faith leaders to improvise their way through these questions. Leaders need concrete tools to navigate the LGBTQ+ landscape.

Welcoming and Affirming: A Guide to Supporting and Working with LGBTQ+ Christian Youth is one of those tools. A handbook for pastors, youth workers, church leaders, educators, and other adults in Christian settings, the book provides answers to the most pressing questions about sexuality, gender, mental health, safe sex, and more.

Written by a team of LGBTQ+ adults, Welcoming and Affirming features first-hand, personal testimonials from queer young adults who have experienced the joys and hardships of being queer and Christian. You’ll walk away with a lot of insight, prepared to love, affirm, and accept the LGBTQ+ teens in your community the way God does–exactly as they are.” (

Here is a link to a blog post written by Mthr Rose for the Diocese of Llandaff on Queer Theology.

Resources for Early years to teens.

Pop N Olly

Pop n Olly is a resource hub for supporting learning on topics such as inclusion, diversity and wellbeing. They also have a youtube channel that can be found below.

reading lists

“15 books for children and teens for exploring the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. This website may receive a commision for it’s use of external links”.

Picture books for children upto 5 years old.

“It’s so important that little ones grow up and see their type of family set-up reflected in the books you share with them. Sadly, for many same-sex parents and carers, these kind of picture books can be tricky to find. 

Well, look no further: we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite children’s books that show – and celebrate – diverse families. They’re also brilliant, fun reads that you’ll really love sharing with your child.

Perfect for babies all the way up to aged five.”

“Children’s author Susie Day picks her favourite middle grade books that explore LGBT+ issues – perfect for older children who want to know more.”

picture books

Julián is a Mermaid  is Jessica Love’s award-winning debut picture book, published by Candlewick Press.  Julián is a Mermaid is a story about a boy and his Abuela. It is a story about  being seen for who we are by someone who loves us. The editor is Katie Cunningham, and the Art Director is Ann Stott. Hardcover, illustrated in gouache on brown paper. Julián is a Mermaid has been translated into fourteen languages: Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Japanese, Dutch & Korean.

Copyright © 2018 by Jessica Love. Published by Candlewick Press.  

“This body positive picture book is a vibrant, joyful, and judgement-free celebration of every body shape and size.

My body, your body,
every different kind of body!
All of them are good bodies!

This heart-warming, inclusive book, filled with detailed and friendly illustration is a celebration of every kind of body that exists in the world. Through an empowering, rhythmic text that is perfect for reading aloud, little ones can explore various skin tones, body shapes, hair types, and more, in an accessible way that instills body positivity and confidence.

The picture book debut from talented author/illustrator Tyler Feder, whose inclusive artwork – full of warmth and humour – has earned her a large social media following through her brand, Roaring Softly.” (Blurb quoted from

“Roy and Silo are two boy penguins who live in the zoo in New York’s Central Park. They like to spend all their time together, and so just as the boy and girl penguins begin to build nests, so do Roy and Silo.

But then eggs start to appear in all the other nests, and Roy and Silo’s nest remains empty. So the penguin keeper gets the idea to give them an egg that’s not wanted by another couple.” (

All About…

“The All About Set is perfect for helping little children learn about and navigate through confusing topics. The wonderfully illustrated books offer a reassuring and friendly take on these complex matters, making this set a must have for every child.

This set includes the following titles

  • All About Feelings
  • All About Families
  • All About Diversity
  • All About Friends”

Teachers notes are also available to support these titles.


“Red has a bright red label, but he is, in fact, blue. His teacher tries to help him be red (let’s draw strawberries!), his mother tries to help him be red by sending him out on a playdate with a yellow classmate (go draw a nice orange!), and the scissors try to help him be red by snipping his label so that he has room to breathe. But Red is miserable. He just can’t be red, no matter how hard he tries! Finally, a brand-new friend offers a brand-new perspective, and Red discovers what readers have known all along. He’s blue! This funny, heartwarming, colorful picture book about finding the courage to be true to your inner self can be read on multiple levels, and it offers something for everyone!” (