Summer Party

Obstacle Course

The Gallery below is a printable, ready made obstacle course. All you need to do is to add some easily available accesories that are listed in the captions.

Cut out the fish and glue back to back, then laminate. Add a paper clip to the fish. You can buy magnetic fishing rods quite cheaply or simply buy magnetic clip and attach them to a short garden bamboo stick with string. Pop fish in a small paddling pool or baby bath or tank.

Use plastic cups. Build them up as a pyramid. You could also use large cardboard boxes etc.

Use short benches or ropes and pegs to create low hurdles to be jumped over.

Use a tailor’s daummy, large soft toy or even a willing volunteer. Choose some brightly coloured and silly clothes. Don’t forget a bright striped coat or dressing gown.


Here is a leaderboard, rosettes and name cards. Print the leaderboard off as A2 (there are many good apps and websites that enable you to create posters from A4 pictures if your printer does not have this setting). Before gluing the sheets together to create the leader board, you may like to laminate them and then stick them together to create a reusable resource.

Activity Ideas

Paper plate fish

Mud Kitchen

Water fight with buckets and sponges

Parachute game

Biscuit decorating

Old fashioned party games. Eg. Musical chairs etc.

Decorate old CD’s with tissue paper and glitter to create suncatchers

Scavenger Hunt

Altar frontal/Church decorations ready for Harvest

Party Play list

Music is a great way to encourage curious foot fall to events. Don’t forget to put out posters etc at the entrance so people know they can come in! Maybe handout some fliers around local shops just before the event starts. A joyful, welcoming personal invite is a great way to build up your numbers!