Freshers @ OpenTable

Join us for an inclusive and uplifting LGBTQI+ Anglican church service during Freshers Week in Cardiff and Newport! Discover the warmth and acceptance of Open Table East Cardiff as we celebrate diversity and unity. All students are welcome to this safe and supportive community. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your spiritual home.

We’re a small, diverse and inclusive church community and part of the Open Table Network. We meet on the first Sunday of the month in All Saint’s, Cyncoed in Cardiff.

You can be assured that all our preachers and celebrants are not just accepting but affirming of all LGBTQIA+ people and people of all genders.

When you arrive you can expect a simple, informal communion service and chat and coffee and cake.  You won’t find loud music, lighting or large crowds here. Our strength is that we are small, welcoming and joyful.


We are easily accessible from the city centre.

The Map below shows an example of a bus route. Click on the button to take you to an interactive version