Vigil of Prayer

Vigil of Prayer

We’d like to invite you to join us in a vigil of prayer from our Feasts of Dedication (Sunday 24th October) to All Saints’ Day (Monday 1st November).

Please join us in praying each day, as we hold up in prayer both the candidates and appointees for the three priests needed for our Ministry Area and ask for God’s guidance in bringing our Ministry Area to birth.

PRayers For use any day

Heavenly Father
we offer this time of prayer:
the words and the silences,
with open welcoming hands,
aware of our needs and rejoicing in the many gifts you share with us.
We especially hold up before you the candidates
who are seeking to join us in our Ministry Area.
May everyone involved in the appointments
seek to listen to what your Spirit is saying to our Church,
so that all may be done according to your will
and so renew our work for your Kingdom in this part of Cardiff.

Crucified and Risen Lord,
help us to hear afresh your invitation to ‘Come Follow me,’
and to know deep in our hearts what it is
to be marked for life with the saving sign of the cross.
May all our hearts burn afresh with joy
as we break open your words and actions in the Gospel of life
and are fed with the Bread of Your Body;
so that as we commit ourselves to work creatively together,
both recognising each others needs
and rejoicing in each others strengths,
we may take our part in bringing people
to know and love your as their Lord and Saviour:
the way the truth and the life for ever.

Prayer intentions for each day

Sunday 24th October – FEASTS OF DEDICATION

For the Churches in the proposed East Cardiff Ministry Area. For Father James and the clergy he is leading; and for the lay people who have offered to help in the leadership of our Ministry Area.

Strengthen us to live according to your word and so with joy show forth the fruits of your Kingdom.

Monday 25th October

For all candidates for the three new posts as they prepare for their interviews and for the clergy and laity who will seek to discern those being called by God to come and help lead us.

May the Holy Spirit lead us into the way of truth and life

Tuesday 26th October

For the renewal of our work with our Ecumenical partners in this part of Cardiff that we may have a fresh vision for the way forward.

Lord lead us to that deeper unity for which you prayed.

Wednesday 27th October

For a deepening of our links with St Teilo’s High School and all the Church and state Primary Schools of our area. May we all work together to share the faith and build up our communities as places where everyone is valued and enabled to grow and develop in understanding and care and consideration for each other.

May the Spirit help us to explore and share the Gospel that we treasure.

Thursday 28th October – SS Simon & Jude

For the Pastoral mission of our churches, both giving thanks for all that we have been able to do in Christ’s name, and creatively welcoming new opportunities to both strengthen the Body of Christ and to reach out afresh into the communities we serve.

Like Simon and Jude may we both listen and respond to Christ’s invitation to follow him.

Friday 29th October

For the people in our community who may be suffering or still feeling isolated, especially those who do not feel ready to take part in live services.

Help us all to show compassion and help bring Christ’s healing grace to those most in need.

Saturday 30th October

For priests and people who have faithfully sustained and grown the church in this area and giving thanks for the children and adults about to be Confirmed on Advent Sunday.

May we all look back in thankfulness and forward in a spirit of great hope.

Monday 1st November

For a deeper awareness of the Communion of Saints who pray and worship with us. Rejoicing in our rich inheritance in the faith that they have passed down to us.

In the company of the Saints guide us all to see more clearly the part we can play in taking this Ministry Area forward working together in true partnership.