Welcome to the new East Cardiff Ministry Area, a family of seven churches in the Church in Wales Diocese of Monmouth, and part of the Cardiff East Ecumenical Mission Partnership.

For the past five years, our Diocese has been on the journey towards establishing Ministry Areas, with a renewed energy to complete this work during the past twelve months. This, we believe, means working more closely together, sharing the resources that we have with one another and benefitting from the significant economies of scale that Ministry Areas will give us.

Our parishes have long been linked to one another through being in the same Area Deanery, however we have begun to work together much more closely since the plans for the new Ministry Area were announced at the end of 2020.

Our Emerging Mission and Values

Drawing on the life of our local churches, and consultation with representatives from across our congregations, here are some aspects of our emerging mission which we feel will be important to us as the Ministry Area continues to take shape:


We are keen to make the most of all the new opportunities to collaborate and co-ordinate together. We want to encourage our church to “cooperate to offer the best worship” by “supporting one another and sharing our resources for greatest impact” and “forming strong and focused teams across the Ministry Area.”


There is already a strong sense of consensus around a desire to be an inclusive Ministry Area, where “we celebrate every individual” and “every door in the Ministry Area is a welcoming one.” We want to affirm and celebrate all, whatever their age, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation, so we can truly become “a Ministry Area for all people.”

Facing Challenges Together

We are both realistic about the challenges ahead and hopeful for the future. In ten years’ time, when we look back, we want to be able to say that “we faced up to the challenges of the future instead of ignoring them”“we respected differing opinions” and “we embraced change with optimism and enthusiasm”. This will require us to “be mindful of people’s fears”, so we can “involve and inform” and “act with transparency” at each step of the way.

Community and Kingdom Oriented

This is also an opportunity for us to renew our commitment to be a compassionate and faithful presence in our local communities. With this in mind, we aspire to prioritise “outreach and service to the poor” so that “we are visible, we are seen, we are present in our communities.” We have a huge opportunity to embrace our church schools, and other local partners, “working closely with schools and them working closely with us” so that, ultimately, “we reflect the light of Christ into our communities together.”